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Celebrating after the Concert

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

When Lớp Việt Ngữ needed funding for a new mobile classroom, we envisioned a long road to achieve this goal. The planning team spent hours combing through possible ideas to achieve the goal. In the end, we decided to tackle multiple projects at once, thus adding a lot to our project plate.

Of the multiple projects, we decided to host an evening of singing and dancing concert with performances by local artists and our very own youth dancing group. The project was a big challenge and started out as this big monster that we were not sure how to tackle. Never the less, we banded together and asked the community for help and they responded.

Within 24 hours we were sold out. We had tremendous help from friends and families. When it comes to our children, our community will say YES in so many positive ways.

When it was done, thank to the generosity of our community, we raised enough money to cover all expenses and met our goal to get the mobile home we needed.

To celebrate our achievement, our very own best cheerleader and supporter, Mrs. Mai Cong generously hosted a celebration party for our planning committee. The fantastic pot luck brought us together in fun, food and fantastic karaoke.

Thank you to all our donors and participants and friends and families throughout the whole process. We appreciate your supports so much. You truly show us that "Người Việt còn, Tiếng Việt còn" is not just a saying but is an important part of our heritage that we all believe. Chân Thành Cảm Tạ Quý Đồng Hương.

- Ban Điều Hành Tre Xanh.

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